Mobile Tertiary Crushing Plant Dragon 35

Model  Max. Feeding Size (mm)   Capacity (t/h)    Final Size mm
( Adjustment Type )
 Motor Power (kW)
Dragon 35  0 – 150 mm  60 – 100 t/h  0 – 15 mm  165 Kw


Closed circuit crushing system is all collected in one single platform and can be transported with a truck. The R-D group has designed this series for short term installation . This crushers can easily do the work of classical plants .Dragon Series refers to a crushing /screening closed-circuit plant on one chassis. Offers unsurpassed production of cubical spec products for small, medium, or large jobs. Produces multiple, cubical spec products with three-deck inclined screen. Returns material retained on the top deck to the impactor for further processing. This machines are the most prefered in Turkish market and the World market .

*Feeding System and Hopper 
System is preferred to prevent sticking , conveyor belt or vibrating feeder can be choosen depending on customer request. Since the supply system operates smoothly, it needs minimum maintenance. Mobile crusher installations with or without sieves are ideal crushers for sand making. The directive is also suitable for conveyor feeding.

Rotor Size : 1100 X 600 mm
Crusher Type : Secondary Impact Crusher
There is setting mechanism which leads to easy configuration.
The wearing armor is 16-18% manganese and chromium alloy.
The rotors are specially manufactured and have replaceable wear shields in their wear exposed parts.
Motor power : 75 – 90 kw
Rotor pallets are 16-18% manganese and chrome alloy. It is also suitable for two-sided use. Longer wear times can be caught on this count.
The setting blocks are 16-18% manganese and chrome alloy. The adjustment blocks have a hydraulic adjustment mechanism for easy adjustment.
The crusher has 2 long type adjustment blocks for thinning. Thanks to these blocks, the thinning curve is very high.
The powerful body is unique thanks to its powerful rotor and powerful adjustment blocks.
It is unprecedented with high reduction rates of up to 50 times.
When a material that can not break into the crusher enters, the hydraulic overload prevention device enters the circuit and the crusher elements are protected.
When a material that can not break enters into the crusher , the hydraulic overload prevention system blocks the circuit and the crusher elements are protected.

* Main Conveyor Belt System 
It is 600 mm wide and is of palette type. Drive drums are rubber coated and threaded. The gear units are 3 transmission type and the new generation is with torque connection system. Side scraper system is available to prevent outflow.

* Vibrating Screen System
Screen Size : 1300 X 3500 mm
Vibrating Screen Type : High Capacity
Motor Power: 11 kw
Special type bearing suitable for vibration.

* Under-Sieve Stock Conveyor  Belt System
It is 800 mm wide and foldable type. Drive drums are rubber coated and threaded. The gear units are 3 transmission type and the new generation is with torque connection system. A side scraper system is available to prevent spillage of the final product into the stock area during crushing. Foldable with hydraulic piston for easy assembly and disassembly of the system.

* Stock Conveyor  Belt System
600 mm wide folding type.
Drive drums are rubber coated and threaded.
The gear units are 3 transmission type and the new generation is with torque connection system.
A side scraper system is available to prevent spillage of the final product into the stock area during crushing.
Foldable with hydraulic piston for easy assembly and disassembly of the system.

* Feedback Conveyor Belt System 1
It is 600 mm wide.
Drive drums are rubber coated and threaded.
The gear units are 3 transmission type and the new generation is with torque connection system.
Side scraper system is available to prevent outflow.

* Feedback Conveyor Belt System 2
It is 600 mm wide and is of palette type.
Drive drums are rubber coated and threaded.
The gear units are 3 transmission type and the new generation is with torque connection system.
Side scraper system available to prevent outflow.

* Mobile Chassis System
It is equipped with 2 axle, air-operated brake system and signaling system. Special heavy duty construction chassis. There are 6 hydraulic feet mechanisms in the hydraulic system. These feet are strengthened by the fixed feet after they are locked.
Hydraulic Power System thanks to 125 litre, all pistons are controlled by special control system.

* Panel and Control System 
The material is Siemens branded. The panel system has a remote control system that operates with radio control frequency. In addition, the panel system is specially insulated against dust and water. Although the used panel is insulated against dust and water, Dragon Machine contains a system that can remove our panel systems from the main scale by about 8 metres.

* All functions can be controlled with Remote Control (Radio Control System).

– The dust suspension control system prevents dusting by conveying high pressure water to the conveyor to spray the dust.
– Electric Motors IE2 is a highly efficient type.
– Conveyor belt systems EP 125 and EP 160 are suitable for long use with 10 and 14 mm thick cortex.
– Bearings are SKF or equivalent.

Total Motor Power: 165 kw
Maximum Feeding Size: 150 mm
Final Size: Can be set to give a final product of 0-10mm or 0-20mm or larger. (0 – 5 mm and 0-10 mm both be obtained at the same time or apart )
Capacity is variable according to the material feed and final product dimensions to be broken and it is 60-100 ton capacity.

*Additional Standard Features in the System
– Extra hopper for truck feeding.
– Dust Suspension Control System.

*Optional Features
– Magnetic Magnet Conveyor Belt (Optional)
– The Generator System is optional and is powered by diesel engines from Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, Deutz and Marelli or Stanford alternators. (Optional)
-Hydraulic band opening and closing system

** Weight: 25 tons
All of our products are CE certified.

Secondary Feeding Size : 0 – 150 mm
Capacity : 50 – 100 t /h

dragon 35

bauma-fuari-2016-1434608092 (1)

Bauma Fair 2016

Dragon Machinery with his breakthroughs, the situation in many countries been at the forefront of the industry. Today, many exhibitions and events in our country and the mining industry also believe we are representing a good way. Every year ; a lot of trade fair and event, our company has enjoyed the participation, ın this year the Bauma Fair.So What is the Bauma Fair?

3 years in Munich, Germany “Bauma construction machinery and Materials Exhibition” more than 420,000 visitors in 2013, with participants 3256, 555.000 square meters in the exhibition area of the world’s greatest and most influential Industry Fair was held.

The international press showed great interest in the bauma fair, no other commercial events does not sound until around the world are valued.

Material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and equipment, the latest technologies in a wide range of building construction machines in bauma it is possible to find exciting. No fair in the world in terms of participant profiles, Bauma, it can be said that does not have an international audience.With the highest international participation this year, 111- April 17, 2016 will be held in the Neue Messe.раскрутка сайтовстатья 38 кзот украиныהודעה על מקרה ביטוח רכב כלל

turbo 950


Thanks to their ease of operation mobile screening system made by a single person quite comfortable washing screening system, this machine can do the work of Screening washing system can do more with it alone. Experts working machine according to the kind of contamination of products to be eliminated. According to the pollution, there is one or two stages. Especially found in the natural sand obtained by screening and washing unit in stream beds of clay, mud is produced to be free of impurities such as stone and cleaning. One of the biggest advantages of the mobile screening system is collected in a single machine the whole system. So the truck can be moved with a single feature is available. System capacity is between 130 and 220 satiated. The inside of the chamber because the grid does not fall into the great big bodies.
At the same time this can be increased as additional reservoir. This feature can be increased quite provide comfort to the user and saves time by reducing the work force. With foldable conveyor system has been established to pharmaceutically intervention sieve. Screen has a large capacity system has a high vibration feature. Wash material made of folding material conveyor. There are six areas sieve 3pcs stock. In total, are also 4 products. 2 axle provides an ideal measure of the shipment to be portable. Delivery system will increase labor shortage in a long time, it is likely a problem with the product and be able to live. There are mobile chassis system. Interconnecting cables are available in the system and generator Perkins, Doosan is the motor. Approximately the total weight is 29,000 kg. Thus, because weight is a great advantage in the production of a single staff.
Remote control system can have on the system. In addition to the ability to take advantage of business in as little as 15 minutes Easy dispatch, there are now mounting system. Again, the situation can be made in the same way can be shipped from the board in 15 minutes. In order to be able to save time in installation and construction machinery has become the largest luxury shipped issue is a condition to be complimented by the manufacturer. Therefore, it can not ignore the advantages of screening washing adwords что этоюристыpage speed optimization

dragon 617

Crushıng Screenıng Washıng Plant

Crushing screening washing plant machinery and equipment existing in the system, as well as to prevent the adhesion of the feeder system, conveyor belt or vibrating depending on the customer’s request, as may be preferred. In this way, working smoothly and offers minimum maintenance. Sieve for sand making mobile jaw crusher plants products or unused over the most ideal ones. Excavator and loader hopper feeder is suitable for feeding directly to the conveyor is manufactured in the facility.
As well as providing the crusher use in a wall system. Download custom blocks through the tertiary system were brought up in a very high curve, 50 times higher reduction ratios has a wife. There is a mechanism in the hydraulic system hydraulic 6 feet 6 feet locked after it is Fixed has been strengthened. A special control system can be controlled. The hydraulic power System 125 litres branded as Siemens and Dashboard materials were preferred.
There are present in the system frequency control in the system Dashboard.Capacity will be broken and the feed material varies according to the dimensions of the final product and is used as 75-110 tons capacity. Dust the powder by spraying high pressure water dedusting System conveyors to minimize dust formation is prevented. Or italvibras motor vibro feeder Lu and Emtas , Oli branding.каркасные дома липецк ценаריפודים לרכבalt text html


Mobıle Screens, And Vıbratıng Screen Mobıle Screenıng Plants

Today technology comes to the limited time the development of the situation. In addition, individuals are constantly happening in competition with each other and over time within the increasingly competitive growth. That is why all evolving technologies to the mobile and they are taking steps to make investments.
Mobile screens, mobile screening plants, vibrating screens can be made that can be moved as a mobile format. As for stationery hopper and feeder, main band, vibrating screen, belt stock, boards, connection cables available. So there are advantages of fixed installations, but more often than not missing from a fixed installation. The most important is due to be moved to save time and cost. Through a truck it can be moved to the desired location. Major issues can benefit from some places and are as follows: mining, highways, hydroelectric projects such as these, the closest place to provide the materials needed in concrete plants, destruction and transformation of materials are used in the art to which the obligation to take out and cast from the excavation area.
The user with useful structures and low costs are taken first gain back good returns.дом из панелейcar cover large estate350z car cover review

turbo 950


Without information about how it works and where used, before anything else, this system mainly consists of the following; and then the part starts with the main band ker bun and feed, wash sieve, stock bands, screw, washer, and private mobile Dashboard system consists of a chassis.
Sand screening washing plants, sand and clay are mostly made between 0-50 microns to distinguish between purpose-built and also huge stones are distinguished, while the coarse aggregate may be washed. The product obtained in the bed of the creek, especially in this system, it is ensured that it is free of foreign substances. However, to give information in the field of cycles; pollution of raw materials which is low in the wash ” the sand is washed through the sieves with a washer or bucket augers duslama method is separated and washed with the washing needs to be stored, leave the water and is stocked with the help of conveyors. Other types of this system are also available.
In short, this screening and washing system, mines, sand and river bed materials such as sand, high-capacity and high-quality, clean, used in order to eliminate.продвижение сайта по трафику ценасколько стоит продвижение сайтаfree keyword tools for seo

Vibrating screen

dragon-607Large stone products are used in the name of the crusher, crushing and fragmentation of large rocks. Crushers are also referred to by different names themselves. for example; Crusher 90, 110 or 140 crusher crusher are some of these names. Features of which are different from each other, they crusher for selecting the best you need to get in touch with the best companies.

Over 140 types of crusher crusher we can also mention the existence of this machine. UZMAR 125 vibrating feeder, secant, impact crushers, vibrating screens, UZMAR 140 jaw crusher and tertiary crusher UZMAR 150. The best selection of crusher determined by conducting survey of the best companies in the Dragon Machine is one of those companies.

Dragon machine has a working understanding of all processes based on customer satisfaction. The aim is to include a quality job is in the first place. Has managed to attract the attention with all the work done up to the present from the past with this approach and has received much critical acclaim. If you are also looking for a company specialized in the field Dragon agree with your machine.les boules de geisha a bon prixfree social media sites listст 7 упк украины

Vertical shaft impact crusher

Vertical shaft impact crusherCrusher plant for sale 2nd hand stuck in the most clean and not in need of care products for people who need the crushing and screening operations. Based on years of experience with the Dragon machine continues to support their customers at all times.

Dragon Machine hence so many years of experience in providing our customers with our quality and reliability, we have provided a positive behavior from you. Therefore we define our customers so that we are not fans to sell their 2nd hand crusher plant. These facilities are also used in advance what is used though. In this reason the issues of life and lack of reliability, and we also educate our customers about t problems that may arise. Before applying the second dealt needed immediate care products should be reported to us Let us know if that is our house and not live a waste of time for you. This sector is very important to gain time to turn. Therefore, more efficient machine should be preferred and less staff needed products.

2nd hand for sale crusher plant is located with reasonable prices and vast customer satisfaction Dragon Machine.

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Machines of stone crusher used for

Dragon 11000 ing_1For the purpose of screening is to be used with break or also known under this name crusher plant in line with the objectives of the customer’s request and of the great stone to match the environmental conditions and the breakdown of rocks. During this process, the aim is to work fast and high quality manner. This has given the company managed crusher plant for sale or crusher plant for sale 2nd hand in the form of advertisements in particular have attracted the attention of buyers.

2. Any decision by looking at their hands can not give crusher plant for sale ad buyers are justified customers can not decide. Because every man wants to see the benefits of the product and received it aim to achieve a reasonable price.

At this point the attention of the Dragon machine managed to attract great interest in the success in his work as well as the prices offered before. Purpose of the company, which always consists of experienced customer satisfaction is a major factor in the extraction good work. You can also crusher plant for sale you are looking for and just a good company you are targeting Dragon space of the machine contact with the experts.гугл подбор ключевых словacheter lingerie erotique les grandes taillesрасписка украина

Zenith crusher

dragon 608Especially used in quarries and stone crushing with big stones is called the great facilities for the breakdown of rocks. The customer to select the best and most ideal of this crusher is in the hands of you. Select where the experience and success of the company in his earlier works are of great importance. According to the types of crushers and function are referred to by different names, such is the name of one of them at 110 luk crusher.

110 crusher plants are useful in the process as easy transport or easy mounting. Especially at construction sites that require this kind of crusher emerges as a major advantage made easy transport. They crushing capacity due to the increment in the sieve that operate independently with all customer requests a service-oriented approach.

Also established for this purpose, and since its inception, aiming to provide a better service to its customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction Dragon 110 luk crusher machine is intended to give a better service to you. You may also materially and with all the conditions for the benefit of the Dragon you can contact with the machine.english to polish translationразмещение рекламы на яндексеsex shop geneva