New Generation Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant Closed Circuit Type Dragon 20

   Model   Max. Feed Size (mm)    Capacity (t/h) Final Size mm  ( Adjustment Type )   Motor Power (kW)
  Dragon 20   1300 mm   250 – 375 t/h    0 – 20 mm   345 Kw
The earth is taken from by-pass Conveyor. As request connected to main conveyor.
Whit bypass conveyor , can be taken three different sizes buy stock conveyor.
As request taken only one size.

New Generation Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant Closed Circuit Type Dragon 20

Mobile Chassis

  • Dragon 20 wheel suspension
  • Total Fourteen(14) Blocking Legs
  • Airbrakes, running lights, and mud flaps
  • Fixed walkway on both sides of cone with hand rails and kick plate
  • Walkways and ladders both sides of screen & front cross over
  • Access ladder to chassis
  • Hydraulic System and Hydraulic Legs
  • Mobile Chassis 3 axle chassis

Hydraulic Levelling System

  • Six (6) hydraulic levelling jack system

Feeder Module

Hopper and Feeder

  • Approximately 15 m3 capacity
  • Feeder Grizzly System

Feeder Size : 1250 x 4500mm 2 nos. high type vibrator Adjustable throw amplitude italvibras or Oli brand.

 Turbo Crusher New Generation , New System

  • Primary,Secondary and Tertiary functions one machine.
  • Crusher Rotor Size 1500x1400mm
  • Dragon Turbo impact Crusher New Generation , New System
  • Strong Body, Strong rotor, strong setting blocks
  • 250 kW Motor, sheaves, v-belts
  • We furnish the liners of Dragon Turbo Crushers by Hardox 500
  • Easy adjustment mechanism
  • Improved latest technology Crushing system

Main Feed Belt

  • 1100 mm Conveyor belt
  • Motor : 11 kW

Dragon Screen High Capacity System

Dragon Screen Size : 2200x 5500 mm 3 Deck High Capacity Screen

Motor : 22 kW

Stock Conveyors 3 Unit

2 Unit

  • 600 mm Conveyor belt
  • Motor : 4 kW

1 Unit

  • 1100 mm Conveyor belt
  • Motor: 7,5 kW

Feedback Conveyor 1.

650 mm Conveyor Belt

Motor : 2.2 kW

Feedback Conveyor 2.

    • 750 mm Conveyor belt
    • Motor : 5,5 kW

Hydraulic block adjustment, Easy To Setup, Primary Block,Secondary Block

Control Board :  Siemens Brand Electrical Equipment

Remote Control For One-Man-Operation.

Standard Equipment

Extra Hopper + 15 m3

Dust Control System – Dust Reduction

Bypass Conveyor Belt


Generator ( Cummins ,Perkins , Cat , Doosan ) Engine power 650 kva generator  (Optional)

Magnet Conveyor Belt ( Optional )

New Technology Crushing and Screening plant Closed Circuit Crushing Plant

* New technology * This is a revolution
Crushing and Screening plant Closed Circuit Crushing Plant

Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant DRAGON 20

Maximum feeding size : 1300×1300 mm

Ideal feeding size: 0 – 1200 mm

Final size : 0 – 25 mm (0-5 mm , 5-12 mm ,12-25 mm or requested three types material and plus by-pass output production )

  • Max. feed capacity approx 300 – 450 t/h
  • Machine weight 64,000 kg
  • Transport dimensions (w x h x l)  4,000 x 4,500 x 18,000 mm

Dragon 20

* New System Crushing and Screening plant latest Technology

* Easy, Practical, Quick Installation, simple transport, use it anywhere.

Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant


• Dragon Crushers Inc.’s line of Dragon 9-10-15-20-25,Turbo 600,900 portable plants are designed for a wide variety of applications. Though each plant is different, each is the same in fundamental ways: Portability, dependability, durability, competitive capital costs, low cost maintenance and designed to meet customer’s needs.
• Portability has been a major concern for customers along with quick setup time. We have accommodated our customers’ concerns by making most of our plants portable in one single unit. Since our plants are portable in one piece they use minimal time in set-up and tear-down. To further reduce set-up and tear-down time, all plants come standard with telescoping screw jack legs or optional hydraulic lifting legs for fast set-up and to eliminate the time consuming task of cribbing. We have designed our plants to be able to be placed and running in minimal time providing our customers with reduced set-up costs and increased productivity.
• We have proven the dependability and durability of our plants with years of service in the field. These plants have crushed everything there is to crush and run day-in and day-out and they’re still going strong. We constantly look for ways to improve our designs, make our plants better and continue to out last the competition.
• Our plants are designed with the idea that a plant should be easily maintained. We understand the time spent maintaining a plant is time that could be spent producing material. We strive to design our plants to minimize the time needed to do the necessary maintenance.
• Dragon Crushers specializes in design and application – the right product and the right flow plan to accomplish your particular job. Many of our plants are designed around our customer’s specifications but we always keep an eye on flexibility. Since our plants are designed with our customer’s needs in mind we are able to build a more efficient plant and/or eliminate the need for additional equipment to accomplish the same task.
Rotor pallets 16-18 % manganese, chromium
Setting block Liners 16-18 % manganese, chromium

Why New Generation Dragon Mobile Crushing and Screening Plants?

• One of the biggest avantage ,ıt has ıt has variety of aggregates for concrete et asphalt plants.(It can produce three types of products.Through grills at the feeder throw out grounded or break for not need material or dont put into the crusher to feedback system that by-pass system is available .The fixed installations are performing more than enough functionality by means of these features.
Classical mobile plants need to combine some mobile platforms to become a plant. This means long assembly time for installation which causes to time and labour loss. With our new generation mobile plants, all plant equipments are at only one platform. It can be ready to use in short time. The established plant can be transferred in couple hours. The other benefits are:
• It can be established at small areas with the help of its compact structure.
• Transferring by just one track provides easa of transport.
• It can be started immediately and saves cost of basement thanks to run without fixed with concrete.
• Controlling by only one person provides ease of use.
• New generation crushing plants need minimum maintenance thanks to its latest technology.
• It saves cost of basement and provides low initial investment cost.
• It can operate high gradation ratio process by itself that needs more then one machine to be completed. There are 2 or 3 different types of crushers such as primer, seconder and tertiary. In our system, we have latest technology crusher which is capable of doing alone what the other crushers can be made. Gradation ratio is very high thanks to tough and big tune blocks. There are up to 50 times dilution curve.
(This option is available for Dragon 7, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25)
• It can work with both electricity system and generator depends on your request.
• Production cost per ton is %50 more lower.
• New generation mobile systems’ energy consume is about 50 to 60 % according to the classical plants.
• One of the biggest avantage ,ıt has ıvariety of aggregates for concrete asphalt plants.(It can produce three types of products).

-20-Dragon Mobil Kırıcı

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